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FUNNY PAPERZ by Joe King; Cartoons, Toys & Comics, Animation & Licensed Product Merchandise 

FUNNY PAPERZ by Joe King; Cartoons, Toys & Comics, Animation & Licensed Product Merchandise 
john denver

"he was flying for me..." FAREWELL ANDROMEDA

FUNNY PAPERZ by Joe King; Cartoons, Toys & Comics, Animation & Licensed Product Merchandise 



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This is a family portrait of some of the Toons we've had the joy of working with over the years.

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The Nation:
"Joe has more truth in his pen, than Bill O'Reilly could muster with a thousand "falaffels", and more integrity than Limbaugh could ever envision, in the most intense of oxycontin orgies."
- Eric Blumrich/BUSHFLASH.COM
The Neighborhood:
"The cartoons reveal the ambiance of the area, adding credibility to his other local cartoons. They prove he is an insider... having street cred adds import addressing local concerns... and quality of life."
- Stuart Rapeport/AAEC
The Nannygoats:
"Future generations will finally recognize his moustachioed genius..."
- JP Trostle/AAEC
THE CREATOR - he's just "joking"..........

2004 Pulitzer Prize Nominee, Joe King designed both the product & packaging for a wide variety of specialty items.

He is currently in production of several self-syndicated comic strips distributed world-wide under the banner of his publishing forge:

With over 3,000,000 visitors to his website to date, Joe is being laughed at in more than 22 different countries.

In the early '80s Joe parlayed his position as one of the original Blue Sky Rangers , [Mattel Electronics videogame designers] into a Department of Defense [D.O.D.] software engineer, enjoying a TOP SECRET security clearance at Lockheed's fabled Rye Canyon facility [Skunk Works], original nest for the SR-71 Blackbird fleet.
Today he suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous mis-fortune - frequently at the hands of other cartoonists!

If you're really old (like him..) you'll remember much of his work on isle #16 at "WE-B-TOYS" during his toil for the evil "M"pire as Mattel Licensing's Art Director .
Among the many brands he oversaw design for were Angel Bunny, Barbie, Captain Power , Hot Wheels, Wheeled Warriors, Masters Of The Universe and Princess Of Power .

Digging through the toy chest of his freelance career you will find The Flintstones Interactive Coloring Book & the entire Yearn 2 Learn series featuring Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang, the New Adventures Of Speed Racer , Addams Family , Star Trek/Next Generation , B.C.Bikers , Barnyard Commandos , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Dick Tracy , Toxic Crusaders , & Disney's Talespin & Darkwing Duck . Don't miss BanDai's hot collectibles: Power Rangers Turbo and Beetleborgs Metallic !

He is the recipient of several national & international design awards. And they all started with an "Elephant Key" from the San Francisco Zoo in 1965. Too young to enter the coloring contest sponsored by The Chronicle, he lied about his age on the entry form - & won. Among others not so larcenous; the 1982 Mattel Electronics award for experimental work in computer graphics design, showcased at CES, (it got him a job at Lockheed's top secret Skunk Works!) the 1989 Film Advisory Board's (FAB) award for Excellence In Children's Programming, Microtek's 1992 Design Contest in which a special category was created in honor of MEN FROM EARTH & toured with the MacWorld exhibition, & CorelDraw's 1992 Million Dollar Design Contest; winning five awards prior to the final Award Of Excellence. All work displayed at the National Museum Of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario under the banner "Painters Of The New Century".

His first comic strip series, ANOMALIES was published in 1985 by The Easy Reader, winning their annual contest. His graphic novel, MEN FROM EARTH earned worldwide distribution on its first day of publication July 4, 1991 (He was inducted into the National Cartoonist Society that same year..) at the San Diego ComiCon and eventually went into pre-production at Paramount Pictures as a live-action feature in the fall of 1996. His third, RUST & WRINKLES ran internationally before being collected & published as his first anthology in 1992. The launch of this on-line gallery was christened with a daily political cartoon in the summer of 1996. The Easy Reader again played host to Joe's next daily feature,WEBSTER, running from 1997-98. During 1999 the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce published HERE & THERE: Seal Beach. That April saw his first Limited Edition Fine Art Print released at the 12th Annual Charity Car Show in Seal Beach! In May, Joe was honored with a banquet by SCCS; the Southern California Cartoonist Society in San Diego, CA. In August, having a "great deal to say on a great many things" he again taunted a captive audience in the guise of "keynote speaker" in Las Vegas at the Classic Games Expo, where he, along with his fellow Blue Sky Rangers were immortalized in a giant silicon chip as "Pioneers of the Video Game Industry". Attendees were treated to ground-breaking game software and unpublished treasures from the dawn of the joystick era. Many of these same games and the designs that went into them have been honored in retrospective exhibitions including the ICON Gallery and the Smithsonian.

Joe closed out the millennium by being chosen as a finalist in Haystack Toys first Great American Toy Hunt; an exhaustive nation-wide search for new talent and ideas. His parody, I'M JUST LIKE CAPT. KIRK BECAUSE... was was blessed with an inscription from William Shatner himself and the 15th ANNIVERSARY-RUST & WRINKLES enjoyed a sequal in THERE WERE GIANTS IN THE LAND. He has added dozens of titles to his library in the time since.

An honorary graduate of Platt College, he has been a guest speaker there & at the Pasadena Art Center School Of Design.

He is the founder of IMAGINE NATIONS - a global online community of amateur and professional cartoonists dedicated to freedom of thought and expression.

In the wake of the 9-11 terror attacks, Joe struck back in a daily editorial panel originating on the pages of the Santa Monica Daily Press that ran for a solid decade.

In April, 2003 -- Joe King was accepted into AAEC; the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Each October for the next ten years he was a guest of honor at Cartoons & Cocktails; an international benefit and auction in Washington DC hosted by the National Press Club!

During the summer of 2006 Joe relocated to the Central Coast , quickly becoming a familiar fixture in local coffee shops and city boardwalks. Laying aside the more cruel and cynical tools of his trade in favor of the upbeat and affectionate, he "buried the hatchet" of political journalism in the peak of Morro Rock as he devoted himself to local issues and concerns.

Joe has taught more than 100 classes in cartooning for both children & adults thru the Recreation Depts. of California and Arizona. In August of 2008, Joe served as Artist-In-Residence for the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA before dropping anchor for the last time in the lee of Thumb Butte above Prescott, AZ. His better self is most often found beneath the visor of his space helmet in the guise of Commander Page Turner; the Author/Artist/Guest Speaker behind the childrens adventure series, JIMMY JET.

Used to be you could follow Joe's scribbling:
(a) Every day as the Cartoonist for The Daily Press
(b) Every week in The Bay News
(c) Every month in The Cayucos Breeze & Information Press
(d) Once in a blue moon in The Los Angeles Times

In 2010 Joe placed the capstone on his editorial career by putting his drawing shoulder-to-the-plow behind the good works of the Arizona Origin Science Association: "AZOSA", to offer "A.D." :The Cure for the Common Era, providing all seekers both scientific as well as historical evidence for faith in Biblical Creation.

Embracing a new gallery presence
, his whimsical fusion of fine art, popular culture and humorous illustrations are on display throughout the Central Coast of California and select galleries in Prescott, AZ's historic Arts District.

As of 2016 "The Prescottoonian"
continues to produce both comic strips and fine art pieces he releases @; among them "Prepper the Bunker Bunny", "The Lost Depot", and "Happy Camperz".
Joe King
, a native Son of the Golden West - born in the shadow of The Lone Ranger Rock
- is making the world a funnier place one cartoon at a time. Explore more of his creative universe at