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Executive producer John H.Riskus


Music Producer Julian Synne








SPACE-ROCKER 1 literally circled the planet Earth to find a group of recording artists to supply the music for our sound track. Let us introduce to you the fine musicians who made this musical journey come to life.

Julian Synne of Interface Sound Labs in Hollywood, California has written and recorded several instrumental songs for our sound track. Songs that have the haunting, empty sounds of outer space, and the pounding sounds of Star Fighters engaged in fierce battle, songs like "Space-Rocker 1" amd "Interstellar Dweller." He also provided the light-hearted song, "The Good Life" performed by Galaxy at their concert on Altais. We also want to thank Julian for his fine work in preparing this fantastic sound track. Julian is a well trained song writer and musician and an experienced professional in the fild of mixing and mastering of sound tracks and does work for several well known recording companies.

Other songs for Galaxy were written and performed by another band you will be hearing a lot from in the years to come, "Cloning Einstein." These young men are from the state of Pennsylvania, USA. They are: Jeff James Beck on vocals and keyboards, Joe Dougherty on bass, Joe Black with guitars and keyboards, Colin Diemer on drums and Tom Schied with his great vocals. Additional vocals were provided by Cheryl Davies, heard in the song, "I Believe" to which you are listening at this time. She also provides the vocals for Princess Sapphirine in Cloning Einstein's highly mesmerizing interpretation of U2's hit, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," (kiss me, I'm waiting) and all the vocals for Yoko Igawa of Galaxy. Other great background vocals are provided by Kelly Ann Monahan, Carol Delaney and Mike Soper.

Another difficult task was finding a female singer who sings in Chinese. After a long search we found our vocalist, Nancy Yao,  who provides a voice for Princess Sapphirine, when she sings in Mandarin. Nancy draws on her Oriental heritage to impart a great deal of feeling into the songs, "Moon Is My Heart"  which we hear at the emperor's home on Eltanin.  Nancy has many more beautiful songs that we hope to use in the future.

A young lady you will be hearing a lot of in the near future is Annica Eve. Annica is a very popular singer who has topped the record charts in Sweden for the past few years. Two most unlikely companions share her cell and are the audience for a soon-to-be classic "The Place Where I Belong." Annica also contributes the song "I Love The Way You Love me" for our final chapter; a song which is riding high at this time in her native Sweden. We love her music and feel you will also.

From Paris, France we have a very poular young man, Arnoud Gerard, who records under the name "Amok." France has a love affair with this youing man shown by CD sales, radio paly time and the constant use of his music i dance clubs. Amok also has two songs in our sound track, the first being "Energy" and the second is "Fire."  "Fire" also has a very energtic female voice track you are going to enjoy. Both songs are guaranteed to propel you into warp speed.

Last but certainly  not least are two young men from Moscow, Russia who record under the name " PPK." They are Sergy Pimenov and Alex Polyakov. PPK is very big in Russia and plays to packed out audeiences at their concerts and is in constant play in dance clubs and on the radio throughout Russia. They also have provided us with two of their very popular songs, "Resurrection" and "I Need Rhythm - 2001" which will show up near the end of our story to bring it to an energetic conclusion.


We would like to take this time to thank our great Cartoonist, "That Joe Guy", Joe King. His talent has breathed life into all our characters and provided all the beautiful logos you see in this production. He has very carefully captured the  faces and personalities of our models for our entire cast. He has also created this entire website and installed the music. If you are looking for a Cartoonist or someone to put your website together, Joe is the man to contact.

More information on contacting the persons who made this project possible will be included in the closing credits. I know you are more than ready, so fasten your seatbelts as we blast off for our first destination: the planet Eltanin, where some terrible things are now taking place...


space-rockers.com is based on stories and characters created by John H. Riskus.

Copyright 2000. SPACE ROCKERS Records - Interface Sound Labs

WORLD rights reserved.

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