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MEN FROM EARTH; created and illustrated by Joe King


MEN FROM EARTH is the space action-adventure story of hard-edged rebel astronaut heroes; led by Major Joseph Matthew Mason and determined to reclaim the glory of braving and conquering the deadliest frontier.

MEN FROM EARTH; created and illustrated by Joe King




continued from Volume #3...

The final ordeal of this cosmic crusade awaits them all on a small, only recently noticed planet at the outer reaches of our own solar system. "Planet 10" is host to a set of hewn pillars identical to those in Callisto's temple. They form a viewing portal; half Hubble, half time machine to gaze back through the millenia upon The Source of all power in the universe. Only those worthy to attain this distant threshold will behold the most precious of treasures in all creation. The Source of all hope and power.

It goes by the unassuming name of Earth. And directly above its fragile umbilical of trace gasses an unknown star goes supernova. In its death a crowning herald of rebirth; a newborn child laying in a manger, surrounded by kings on bended knee. The oldest and most decorated unburdens himself; casting down his crown and ceremonial scabbord, sword and bandolier of jeweled weapons wispers brightly, "They say he will be the Prince Of Peace..."

This concludes the first triad.

MEN FROM EARTH; created and illustrated by Joe King

Story is Copyright 1991. PENDRAGON STUDIOS. All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt from original MEN FROM EARTH press kit; July 1, 1991.

San Diego ComiCon, San Diego, California, USA.

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