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MEN FROM EARTH; created and illustrated by Joe King


MEN FROM EARTH is the space action-adventure story of hard-edged rebel astronaut heroes; led by Major Joseph Matthew Mason and determined to reclaim the glory of braving and conquering the deadliest frontier.

MEN FROM EARTH; created and illustrated by Joe King




continued from Volume #2...

The pivotal instrument of mass destruction in this conflagration is the ominous FireBolt Space Cannon; a relic of cold war R&D that had been moth-balled for decades in a crater on the edge of the Moon's dark side...waiting for recomission in the advent of SDI. Of course the finger on the trigger of this behemouth is our Maj. Joe. His victory is bittersweet. This is the same weapon responsible for his father's "accidental" death. His circle of destiny is almost complete when he activates the destruct sequence and sends the machine to NRA hell.

The blast's seismic force rocks the minor orb with a Moonquake revealing long sealed entries to the secret chambers anointed by Callisto's race eons ago. Taking the hand of Providence, Callisto guides Joe to the inner sanctum where she presides over the ancient ceremony used in her peoples' rebirth. Insufficient for human resurrection, it may give our late Mason the peace and dignity denied him on his own world.

Mortally wounded, Zenko's ragged body has been mercilessly cast upon the catacomb's central megaliths by the series of blasts, Moonslides and cave-ins. A fitting end for one was to destroy the legacy of a peaceful alien race, if not for the brilliant event about to occur.

Callisto invokes the power of the universe and cosmic radiation harnessed by arcane alien technology is channeled through the dead astronaut's remains; releasing his spirit to roam the heavens once more. The continued virtue of this miracle is that his father will come again from time to time to guide and council his son Joe.

And with this blessing.. a curse..

Barely alive, Zenko is caught in the radioactive arc of power suffering a re-animation of a different sort. Conciousness returns many hours after our heroes have returned to base. Mutations occur from the core of his being giving rise to unbelieveable powers - driving him completely and unalterably insane.

Mentally and physically he is now on par with Callisto. Though he can change shapes he is still mortal. As he comes to grips with his new abilities, he transforms the sanctity of these hallowed grounds into an evil lair; guarding above all else access to the rebirthing stone against the day he will need its power again. One of the many ciphered walls depicts our galaxy. Zenko is now able to mentally activate the holographic message it bears; a stellar scavenger hunt for the supreme source of power in the universe. Zenko is now convinced he has fallen upon his true destiny. If he can control The Source, he will have the power to plunge the entire universe into darkness.

The activation of this chart is sensed by Callisto as an evil omen. Severely drained by her recent efforts, she herself must retreat to restore herself. The MEN FROM EARTH draw their battle plans and enlist the support of heroic astronauts from every nation on Earth. Men and women of high ideals, prowess and dedication are drawn to the shining Moon as if it were the guilded turret of Camelot. The MEN FROM EARTH stand in glory; Earth below, Sky above, they are one blood, shoulder to shoulder. They will fight and if need be - die - at each other's side for this one cause only. They are beyond the influence of lesser governments and politics. Their battle cry, "FOR EARTH!"

But evil does not rest, it presses its advantage. Zenko has summoned his own kind; murderers, thugs and mercenaries. And worse. Those that perish in transport or war are used as fodder for his hellish re-animation chamber. In his madness he turns out an endless throng of walking-dead Space Zombies. No longer human, they are powered by the dark matter of the universe. Having no human weakness, they do not need life support systems, although they can only be guided by line-of-sight by Zenko.

He has also re-engineered obscene and devastating space-based weapons from the remains of the FireBolt Space Cannon. Further scavenging of the advance robot surveyor crafts has provided Zenko with his own space fleet to launch his quest for power. The MEN FROM EARTH will be aided by the resources of H. Norris Worthington and his archive of prototype aerospace hardware.

It is a galaxy-wide life and death game of follow the leader, seeking out the secrets of the ages on each planet visited, corrupted or saved. And with the victory over each world goes the power that world held. At each turn our adventure takes a quantum leap in virtue or depravity. And the weapons unleashed on the high frontier literally blaze from the crack of doom.

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Story is Copyright 1991. PENDRAGON STUDIOS. All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt from original MEN FROM EARTH press kit; July 1, 1991.

San Diego ComiCon, San Diego, California, USA.

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