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MEN FROM EARTH; created and illustrated by Joe King


MEN FROM EARTH is the space action-adventure story of hard-edged rebel astronaut heroes; led by Major Joseph Matthew Mason and determined to reclaim the glory of braving and conquering the deadliest frontier.

MEN FROM EARTH; created and illustrated by Joe King




continued from Volume #1...

In Mankind's second race for the Moon competing teams of astronauts strive for a foothold and ultimate control in the high frontier as they establish rival outposts on the lunar surface.

In the near future the Nippon Space Council announces its plans to erect the largest monitor in history; the Megatron - on the Moon - effectively transforming the Moon into a cosmic billboard beaming an international invitation to the new mecca: "Escape to NipponWorld - the most perfect of all worlds." The solar system's first extraterrestrial amusement park.

The MEN FROM EARTH team led by Major Joseph Matthew Mason, son of the late astronaut, is assisted in returning to the lunar surface by two very different allies; Callisto; an Earth-wrecked alien and "friend" of the dead Mason, and H. Norris Worthington, a multi-billionaire technocrat frozen out of the semi-conductor biz by Japanese lobbyists in Washington. His private aero-collection surpasses that of the Smithsonian and contains the last intact Saturn Five booster; lovingly preserved in a secret silo by teams of aerospace engineers he rescued from industry cutbacks and layoffs. Their goal is two-fold; to stop the desecration of the alien's sacred rebirthing grounds and to fulfill Mason's dying wish - to be laid to rest on the dark side of the Moon.

The stakes in this cosmic gambit become lethal when the leader of the foreign space corps, Zenko, initiates a battle by convincing his team members that the American astronauts have come for military purposes. Through Callisto's telepathic intervention, Zenko's true identity - that of a killer spy, sent by the Yakuza to corrupt the development into a strip mining operation that will destroy the Moon, is made manifest.

A new alliance is formed between the American and Japanese astronauts against the evil Zenko. In a decisive and climactic battle the Megatron monitor is destroyed and along with it - apparently Zenko.

concludes in Volume #3...

Story is Copyright 1991. PENDRAGON STUDIOS. All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt from original MEN FROM EARTH press kit; July 1, 1991.

San Diego ComiCon, San Diego, California, USA.

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