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Joe King
Central and Southern California
Publisher's Agent
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Dear Authors, Artists & Poets,

I have to thank all of you for the tremendous outpouring of kind and welcoming responses. It's great to know that you are excited as me, a published Trafford author myself, that I'm your local Trafford contact.

In order to better serve you I placed an order to upgrade my own home phone service. Somehow the order got scrambled and we ended up with our service cancelled altogether! I thank you again for your patience as we get this all straightened out. Right now the Trafford switchboard is forwarding all your calls to me on my cell phone so I am not out of reach!

If you ever have trouble reaching me at my toll-free number 1-866-370-1251, please call the Trafford switchboard toll-free at 1-888-232-4444.

OK - now for the good news...

I'm taking this show on the road! That's right -- I am coming to you.

Over the next few weeks -- with your help -- we are planning a series of "show-and-tell" presentations near you.

As I have gone over the records I find there are clusters of you in several counties throughout the state and I want to make it as simple as I can for you to take advantage of the current publishing services from Trafford.

So I will be travelling to these counties to meet you in person:
• Orange
• San Bernadino
• Ventura
• San Luis Obispo

What I would like to ask you for now is a "show of hands" please -- an email or phone call is fine -- just RSVP with your name and town so that I can get an idea of how many chairs I need to arrange for at each meeting. I will then let you know the exact place and time.

If you have extraordinary reasons that would keep you from getting out and meeting with your local group -- don't worry! Since I will be close anyway -- just let me know so I can arrange to meet with you privately while I am nearby. And for those of you who do come out -- I will make myself available to you privately as well after the public presentations.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all in person! We'll do a little show-and-tell, answer all your questions, share some refreshments and I'll even bring FREE COPIES of my own first book, "RUST & WRINKLES" to autograph for you.

Oh -- I almost forgot -- as an additional "thank you" for making me feel so welcome, I will be giving away $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES that you can use on your own Trafford publishing package!

Now let's see those hands!
-- I'm gonna go gas up the car right now...


Joe King
Central and Southern California
Publisher's Agent
Trafford Publishing
Toll Free 1-866-370-1251

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