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The People at Trafford Publishing

About the people who are making on-demand publishing possible:

Joe King

Publisher's Agent

Pulitzer Prize nominee Joe King designs both the product and packaging for a wide variety of specialty items. Inducted into the Southern California Cartoonists Society chapter of the National Cartoonist Society in 1991, he is currently in production of several self-syndicated comics distributed worldwide under the banner of his publishing forge Funnypaperz.

With more than 2 million visitors to his website to date, Joe is being laughed at in more than 19 different countries. An honorary graduate of Platt College, he has been a guest speaker there, at the Pasadena Art Center School of Design, and the Palos Verdes Art Institute. He is the founder of Imagine Nations, a global online community of amateur and professional cartoonists dedicated to freedom of thought. You can follow Joe's daily scribbles as the political cartoonist for the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Besides playing hooky more than the other dads, his kids think the greatest trophy atop his drawing board is the Elephant Key he won as a child in the San Francisco Chronicle's Junior Art Champion contest. Too young to enter, he lied about his age, and won.

He can be found any evening with Angela, the love of his life, as they walk along the South Bay shore.

2006 marks Joe's 4th year of self-publishing with Trafford. His titles can be found in the aisles of the Trafford book store. He looks forward to assisting others in discovering the same joy of seeing their work in print at last.  

Canada • USA • UK • Republic of Ireland
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