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PAPERZ DRÔLE par Joe roi ; Dessins animés, jouets et bandes dessinées, animation et marchandises autorisées de produit

PAPERZ DRÔLE par Joe roi ; Dessins animés, jouets et bandes dessinées, animation et marchandises autorisées de produit
John Denver

« il volait pour moi… » ADIEU ANDROMEDA

PAPERZ DRÔLE par Joe roi ; Dessins animés, jouets et bandes dessinées, animation et marchandises autorisées de produit



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C'est un portrait de famille d'une partie du Toons que nous avons eu la joie de travailler avec au cours des années.

Espoir de voir votre sourire ici bientôt !

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La nation :
« Joe a plus de vérité dans son stylo, que la facture O'Reilly pourrait se rassembler avec mille « falaffels », et plus d'intégrité que Limbaugh pourrait jamais envisager, dans le plus intense des orgies d'oxycontin. »
- Eric Blumrich/BUSHFLASH.COM

Le voisinage :
« Les dessins animés indiquent l'ambiance du secteur, ajoutant la crédibilité à ses autres dessins animés locaux. Ils s'avèrent qu'il est un initié… avoir la rue cred ajoute l'importation adressant des soucis locaux… et qualité de la vie. « 
- Stuart Rapeport/AAEC

Le Nannygoats :
Les « futures générations identifieront finalement le sien moustachioed le génie… »
- JP Trostle/AAEC

LE CRÉATEUR - il « ne plaisante pas » ..........

2004 dénommé professionnel de Pulitzer, roi de Joe
conçoit le produit et l'empaquetage pour une grande variété d'articles de spécialité. Au début des années 80 Joe parlayed sa position en tant qu'un des gardes forestiers originaux de ciel bleu, [des concepteurs de jeu vidéo de l'électronique de Mattel] dans un département de la Software Engineer de la défense [D.O.D.], appréciant une habilitation SECRÈTE SUPÉRIEURE au service fabuleux de gorge du seigle de Lockheed [travaux de mouffette], nid original pour la flotte du merle SR-71. Aujourd'hui il souffre les brides et les flèches du malheur indigne - fréquemment aux mains d'autres réalisateurs de dessins animés !

Il est actuellement dans la production des plusieurs individu-syndicated les présentations qu'horizontales sur microfilm ont distribué dans le monde entier sous la bannière de sa forge de édition :

En avril 2003 -- Le roi de Joe a été accepté dans AAEC; l'association des réalisateurs de dessins animés éditoriaux américains. Cet octobre He sera encore fait la fête en tant qu'invité d'honneur à Dessins animés et cocktails; un avantage et une enchère internationaux dans DC de Washington accueilli par la pression nationale matraquent !

Les additions importantes à sa brochure incluent toute la conception de pré-production sur le film de vivre-action d'images de Paramount de son roman graphique original : HOMMES DE LA TERRE.

Promouvez en arrière sur l'étagère de jouet que vous trouverez Flintstones Le livre interactif de coloration et les entiers aspirent 2 apprennent des séries comportant Snoopy et Arachides Troupe, les nouvelles aventures de Coureur de vitesse, Famille d'Addams, Tenez le premier rôle le voyage/prochaine génération, B.C.Bikers, Commandos de basse-cour, Tortues d'adolescent de Ninja de mutant, Dick Tracy, Croisés toxiques, et Disney Talespin & Darkwing Canard. Ne manquez pas les collectibles chauds de BanDai : Puissance Gardes forestiers Turbo et Beetleborgs métallique!

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If you're really old (like him..) you'll remember much of his work on isle #16 at "WE-B-TOYS" during his toil for the evil "M"pire.

He is the recipient of several national & international design awards. And they all started with an "Elephant Key" from the San Francisco Zoo in 1965. Too young to enter the coloring contest sponsored by The Chronicle, he lied about his age on the entry form - & won. Among others not so larcenous; the 1982 Mattel Electronics award for experimental work in computer graphics design, showcased at CES, (it got him a job at Lockheed's top secret Skunk Works!) the 1989 Film Advisory Board's (FAB) award for Excellence In Children's Programming, Microtek's 1992 Design Contest in which a special category was created in honor of MEN FROM EARTH & toured with the MacWorld exhibition, & CorelDraw's 1992 Million Dollar Design Contest; winning five awards prior to the final Award Of Excellence. All work displayed at the National Museum Of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario under the banner "Painters Of The New Century".

Inducted into the National Cartoonist Society in 1991, he cherishes the friendship & mentoring of fellow professionals. His first comic strip series, ANOMALIES was published in 1985 by The Easy Reader, winning their annual contest. His graphic novel, MEN FROM EARTH earned worldwide distribution on its first day of publication July 4, 1991 at the San Diego ComiCon and eventually went into pre-production at Paramount Pictures as a live-action feature in the fall of 1996. His third, RUST & WRINKLES ran internationally before being collected & published as his first anthology in 1992. The launch of this on-line gallery was christened with a daily political cartoon in the summer of 1996. The Easy Reader again played host to Joe's next daily feature, WEBSTER, running from 1997-98. During 1999 the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce published HERE & THERE: Seal Beach. That April saw his first Limited Edition Fine Art Print released at the 12th Annual Charity Car Show in Seal Beach! In May, Joe was honored with a banquet by SCCS; the Southern California Cartoonist Society in San Diego, CA. In August, having a "great deal to say on a great many things" he again taunted a captive audience in the guise of "keynote speaker" in Las Vegas at the Classic Games Expo, where along with his fellow Blue Sky Rangers they were immortalized in a giant silicon chip as "Pioneers of the Video Game Industry". Attendees were treated to ground-breaking game software and unpublished treasures from the dawn of the joystick era.

Joe capped off the millennium by being chosen as a finalist in Haystack Toys first Great American Toy Hunt; an exhaustive nation-wide search for new talent and ideas. Winners were announced in October and Joe's own project can be seen at his online gallery.

Joe King's newest parody, I'M JUST LIKE CAPT. KIRK BECAUSE... was recently syndicated by over the Internet and a
15th ANNIVERSARY-RUST & WRINKLES has just been released by Trafford Publishing. With over 2,000,000 visitors to his website to date, Joe is being laughed at in more than 22 different countries.

An honorary graduate of Platt College, he has been a guest speaker there & at the Pasadena Art Center School Of Design.

He is the founder of IMAGINE NATIONS - a global online community of amateur and professional cartoonists dedicated to freedom of thought and expression.

In the wake of the 9-11 terror attacks, Joe struck back in a daily editorial panel that ran uninterrupted for 4 years in the pages of the Santa Monica Daily Press.

During the summer of 2006 Joe relocated to the Central Coast quickly becoming a familiar fixture in local coffee shops and city boardwalks. Laying aside the more cruel and cynical tools of his trade in favor of the upbeat and affectionate, he has "buried the hatchet" of political journalism in the peak of Morro Rock as he devotes himself to local issues and concerns.

In August of 2008, Joe served as Artist-In-Residence for the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA.

You can follow Joe's scribbling:
(a) Every week as the
Cartoonist for The Bay News.
(b) Every month in Information Press..
(c) Once in a blue moon in The Los Angeles Times.

A whimsical fusion of fine art, popular culture and humorous illustrations; Joe teaches classes in cartooning for both children & adults thru the Recreation Depts. of Morro Bay, Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande & Atascadero!

His work is on display at Farmer’s Kites & Surreys, Giovanni’s Fish Market, Kitty’s Kitchen, Sabetta’s, Seven Sisters Gallery, Summer Cottage, The Blue Bean Espresso Bar, The Hofbrau House, The Hot Dog Factory, The Rock Espresso Bar & Vintage Vinyl in Morro Bay, SLO ARTS @ The Creamery in SLO, Vintage Automobilia in Cambria and Old Sebastian's in San Simeon.

Joe King, a native Californian - born in the shadow of The Lone Ranger Rock - is making the world a funnier place one cartoon at a time.

Explore more of his creative universe at
FUNNY PAPERZ by Joe King; Cartoons, Toys & Comics, Animation & Licensed Product Merchandise

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